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"Kam delivers a magical mix of neuroscience, lived experience, laughter and practical application adapted to her audience"


Positive Self-talk has the power to help you Get Up & Thrive. Since 2010 from a blog in the Augusta Chronicle to 2023 to a tour- aimed at , engaging, storytelling and most importantly  empowering others to use positive self-talk to Get Up & Thrive. Sharing her journey and unlocking the power and neuroscience behind positive self-talk, and tieing it to practical applications for every audience. 

Great for assemblies, meetings, energizers, student council, athletic camps, conferences,  from Early Childhood to Executives, from the classroom to corporate, from entry level to retirees-- all ages need and phases of life positive self-talk can help you change your brain and change in turn change your life. 

In-Person,  Virtual 15 Min. Energizers, Keynotes, Workshops, Advisory Models for Schools,  based on needs of students- advising and roadmapping based on goals, virtual huddles. 

Hey, Hey. What are you telling yourself today? A little positive-self-talk goes a long way. 

From peace of mind to a larger piece of the pie, tell yourself what you need to hear to Get Up & Thrive. 

Join the Tour. Let's Get Up and Thrive 


Join the Tour

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