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Get Up & Thrive started as a reminder to Kam and evolved into a call to action to encourage others to do the same and include more positive self-talk in their lives.

It's more than a phrase-it's a frame of mind and practicing positive self-talk is a daily habit that can help us Get Up & Thrive.  

She is a working mom of 3, 5 time  author, an ideapreneur and has served in roles from the classroom to the CSuite across non-profits to Fortune 4 companies- like CVS Health where she was a Learning & Development professional &  National Co-Chair of CVS Health's largest Employee Resource Group- serving over 11,000 women. She was awarded the CVS Breakthrough Award in 2021 for her work in training Initiatives. 

She often says "the more adventures you've had the more stories you can tell-" and hers often start with "Positive self-talk got me here." 

Kam has founded multiple initiatives including Rethink Afterschool and Rethink Talent Development, as well as the reading initiative We Should Read   

Her STEAM Education Program Junior Docs has served as a program to help educators and students build science sense and confidence. 

Kam's most recent  book Yup, you got this: Positive Self-Talk to help you Get Up & Thrive is a quote book designed to empower and encourage positive self-talk.

Her  mission is to share her story, and how  positive self-talk helped her Get Up & Thrive. From keynotes, to strategy sessions and workshops she infuses energy, and practical ideas and includes neuroscience nuggets on how positive self-talk is  a proven to be a tool  for success and a fuilling life. It improves mental well being, academic or athletic excellence, strategy- show Kam a space where you think Positive self-talk doesnt belong and she will prove you wrong. 

From early child hood to executives from from start-ups to retired seniors positive self-talk has a place at every stage. 



Available for Keynotes *Workshops *Podcasts

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